Now I want to be able to play something for example distorted, record it with the looper, and play something clean along. My question is: How do I connect said pedal to my rig so that it does exactly that. I need help on where to put it in the chain Dec 20, 2013 #2 Example (guitar > amp > ditto > delay) You are on the distorted channel with delay off and record a loop. if, on the other hand, you want to apply flanger to an already recorded loop, and have the option of turning it on and off, put the looper before the flanger.
You can put the looper in a number of places in your signal chain depending on how you want it to function. Guitar > Polytune 2 > EQD Hoof > Timmy > BB Preamp > EP Booster > ISP Decimator 2 > TC Nova Repeater > SD Vapor Trail > Hardwire Supernatural Reverb > TC Ditto > Amp. That’s how you’d use it in a live environment or playing at home with your songs already nailed down. Putting it at the end of your signal chain is by far the simplest and most popular option for most guitarists.

At the beginning of the chain, in front of OD pedals 2.

Many thanks- Rick D. Love TC Electronics. The three main placements seem to be: 1. Ditto Looper. Looking forward to getting the Ditto Looper when it hits the States. That's how I prefer to work it.
So I'm thinking about buying a Boss RC-3, a loop station (not a loop switch). I prefer to have a looper at the end of the chain, just before the amp. If you grab a cheap little 2nd looper you can put that at the front of the chain, and here’s why: The looper at the end will record and repeat everything behind it. If you want stereo, looper needs stereo or don't use it last in the chain. Hamer T51 > TC Polytune 2 > OCD > BB Preamp > ISP Decimator II > TC Nova Repeater > Hardwire Supernatural > TC Ditto Looper > Vox AC15C1 I've read numerous threads regarding the placement of the EP Booster. for instance, if you want to record something with flanger, then record another loop without it, put the looper after the flanger. Alternately if you want to record the raw sound of the guitar so that you can change the tone of the loop after recording it, you'll want it at the beginning of the chain. It just depends on what part part of the chain you want to be looped, AND if you want stereo. With that said, whenever possible I try to put pedals before or after Stomp to save blocks. I know I want my tuners/ODs/Distortions in front of the amp, and my time based effects in the loop, but I'm unclear as to where my noise gate and looper should go. Depends.

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