Designation Description Status Location Appearances Los Angeles Vault: Constructed as a demonstration/proof of concept Vault for the United States government. The Los Angeles Vault was the very first vault, and played heavily into the plot of the original Fallout game. 'Fallout 76' Has Other Vaults, But There's a Catch. For me, once the E training room is unlocked, don't keep any dwellers that can't reach 13E per level on average. In 2162, it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion. - posted in Fallout 3 Spoilers: I was just wondering if there were any vaults that doesn't contain insane survivors, that you can actually talk to people there, because it's really annoying that if I see a vault, and I just enter, and then a crazy person tries to blow my head off with a hammer. Page 1 of 2 - Any NORMAL vaults?
Vault 54 is a Vault-Tec Vault located in eastern Michigan.

... we asked if there were going to be any other Vaults that players could uncover while exploring West Virginia. The story is a chilling tale of power, subservience, and, finally, revenge.

In 2155, it was taken over as the Unity's headquarters by the Master. 8 became Vault City and 3 was invaded by raiders when it was opened.
Features the longest Scalextric track of any vault. Click on the Vaults below for the full Walkthrough pages for each. There were only a couple of Vaults created to do there job properly. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Are there actually any vaults that weren't used for experimentation? Does it exist in FO3 any vaults with sane persons? The whole Vault system was a massive experiment by the Enclave, who never intended to save the entire population of America. This is in conjuction with my other two rules. Vault 95. Dr. Olivette was having a major doubt about the use of this vault about the human experiments as well. Although fully functional, it was not part of any experiment and thus its inhabitants survived the Great War unscathed. Top ... by not providing any drugs to vault dwellers they aimed to eliminate chances of relapse.

You’ll get the chance to explore them during the game, and it’s still unclear what you’ll find. Vault 111 Entrance.jpg Fallout 4: All 111 vaults explored. There’s only a few of them apart from Vault 111, which is where the protagonist comes from. You could argue that 22 was a form of a "control" vault as nothing bad was supposed to happen but due to the experiments they were running it did. In the end, only 122 Vaults were constructed, so the vast majority of the human population was left out in the cold (read: intense heat), while those unlucky enough to secure a spot in one of the Vaults survived a little longer, often in nightmarish conditions.

This guide will show you Vault locations in Fallout 4 , their histories and what you can get from them. The doors would open, and that was that. The message would say that the vault dwellers were to be commended for standing up to tyranny, and that they were free to go. Fallout 4 vault 81. As far as I know, there are a total of 122 Vaults in the US in the Fallout Universe. Designed to test conditions for a hypothetical generation-ship voyage, the Vault’s experiment is still ongoing. Also in any case of evacuation, the nozzles are incinerated with the same nozzle.

Nope, Vault 101 was not one of the few control vaults, there were more than one control vaults by the way, but vault 101 wasnt one actually. Except they never refused, not until there were only five residents left. There were so widely produced that there are still countless bottles of Nuka Cola scattered around the wasteland that the surviving population still drinks hundreds of years later. ". Let me share more about fallout 4 vault 81. I don't know what became of 76. It was a well-known fact, prior to and following the bombs falling, that the popular soft drink contained a very strange ingredient. Yeah I just found that out a little while ago going through the Vault (Fallout Wiki).

Most of the 100 or so vaults were psychological experiments, such as a vault full of kids, or just one person and a hundred puppets. ... is quickly forgotten about and life eventually continues as normal. My vaults don't expand past 50 dwellers on normal and 35 on survival till all the substandard dwellers have been replaced.

Vault 3, 8, and 76 were control vaults so nothing bad was supposed to happen. 6 are available to explore in Fallout 3, listed here on the official Fallout 3 wiki in the Vaults section. I heard that Vault 101 was one of the true Vaults a while ago though, but I guess not. Vaults hold precious loot and tidbits of the lore about the Commonwealth and the world of Fallout 4. Commissioned by the U.S. government in 2054 as part of “Project: Safehouse”, the Vault-Tec Corporation constructed 122 Vaults across the country.

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