I tend to resonate with Vesta´s energies, I prize my focus, dedication and even the sacrifices I make to keep the eternal flame alive. His Neptune is on my Mercury and my Juno is on his Moon. He has Pallas Ixion and Juno conjunct his Libra ascendant and Chiron trines all of them and squares my Vesta Venus in the 12th conjunction. Vesta in the Signs. 37 thoughts on “ Planets or Asteroids Conjunct the Ascendant ” Alyssa February 9, 2012 at 1:06 pm. -Vesta in Gemini . Venus conjunct Vesta. Also his Sun Uranus conjunction is on my 9th house cusp opposite my Saturn. Venus at 29 Sag! Asteroid Hidalgo conjunct Venus conjunct Vesta Astrology Divine Feminine Goddess VENUS CONJUNCTS VESTA IN CAPRICORN (3:55 am, Dec 16th 2014, GMT + 8) 5 years ago Astrology In the skies now …. If Uranus is connected then … I have Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Eros conjunct my Scorpio ascendant. Vesta conjunct Chiron makes you have an ability to use your wounds to bring healing energy into this world on a profound level. Vesta and Lilith are conjunct in my 2nd house Leo- my biggest goal in life was to be self-sufficient to the max, not only materially but also emotionally. Reply.

But once you step into your power you realize you indeed can. Also, the Venus person appreciates how the Mars person pursue him/her. We seem to have a lot of sexual aspects in our synastry: Our Mars’ conjunct each other’s Descendants, His Venus Conjunct my Mars, His Venus Conjunct my Uranus, His Moon trine my Mars, Not to mention that my Sun, Venus and Pluto are all in his 5th house. Vesta is connected with sexuality and healing and inspires your willingness to focus on your own spiritual and inner causes. It is where you are the Guardian of the Sacred Flame and where you rely on your inner sense of the Goddess and self reliance. If there’s some mutual or perhaps mostly one-sided “drive toward the sacred,” and how/whether devotion is challenged/expressed. Driven Towards the Sacred: Vesta (Part Two) ... A’s Vesta conjunct B’s Venus, for example- might be expressed within/between two people.

My Pluto is conjunct his Mars and his Pluto is square my ascendant. My Moon is on his descendant. The asteroid Vesta defines where and how you see your mission and truth in your life and world. Venus / Vesta / Mars / Moon / Neptune YOD (Finger of Fate)! But at first you may feel that you alone don't have the power to heal the planet.

While the Mars person is very happy doing things for the Venus person both are passionate with each other. Venus conjunct Mars Synastry means that the Venus person can offer the love and attraction that the Mars person wants to achieve. This still depends on other planetary connections with Mars-Venus.

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