The primary dance positions in Odissi are: Samabhanga or the square position, with weight equally placed on both the legs, spine straight, arms raised up with elbows bent. Tribhangi depicts Lord Krishna's three-fold bending form (neck-torso-knees), and chouka, a square and centered stance, depicts Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of Odissi dance. Star Publications. technique of odissi dance T he dance of Orissa, like many other India and Asian forms, is much grounded, connected to the earth, with a low center of body gravity, unlike western classical dance that lifts away from the earth as much as possible, both in basic standing positions as well as elevations from the ground. The torso movement is very important and is an unique feature of the Odissi style. Let's Know Dances of India. Odissi is a combination of tandava (masculine) and lasya (graceful) positions enhanced with fluid upper torso movements and graceful gestures balanced with strong footwork. The foot movement or pada bhedas too have basic dance units, and Odissi has six of these, in comparison to four found in most classical Indian dances. Tribhanga in Odissi The human body is divided into three bhangas along which deflections of the head, torso and hips can take place. Odissi includes both Tandava and Lasya elements. It has Navatala system. Here are truly genderless dance bodies as ideal vehicles for the dance, able to take on and project the best of male vibrancy or female sensuality in Odissi movement. The movement of the head, the torso, the hips and the knees, are important.

ISBN 978-81-7650-097-5. A special feature of Odissi is the use of sideways movement in the isolated torso.

The technique is built on the principle of an unequal division of weight and the shift of weight from one foot to the other.
The basic body position is chowka that is supposed to be a replica of Lord Jagnnath’s body position.

Some of the best torso deflections were seen in the movement technique of these dancers. With the lower half of the body remaining static, the torso moves from one side to the other along the axis passing through the centre of the upper half of the body. The Tribhanga combine with the Chakua, a square, half-seated pose and form the core posture of Odissi. the feet can be static and only the torso can move or a complete pirouette can be executed holding the chauka position.

Another group of movements emerge out of basic position of the chauka or the mandalasthana.

These movements arise out of the sitting position known by the generic term baitha.

The techniques of movement are built around the two basic postures of the Chowk and the Tribhanga. Here either movement can be in place i.e. Odissi technique is comprised of two main postures, Chowka and Tribhangi. Odissi has emerged as a sculpturesque dance in which the head, bust and torso move in soft flowing movements to express specific moods and emotions.
In Aakriti Sinha (2006).

By combining these basic postures with intricate torso movements, hand gestures, facial expression and elaborate footwork, various stories from ancient texts are brought to life. Trained to the hilt, these male dancers have become sensations on foreign tours.

But the element that distinguishes Odissi form other dance forms is the grace. 15–.

The head, torso and lower body move in deflection, with each part moving in opposition to the one above, thus creating a figure with three bends to its shape. Great training is required for this control so as to avoid any shoulder or hip movement. In Odissi, the torso movement is considered very important which is soft, lyrical and graceful.

In Odissi, the torso movement is considered very important which is soft, lyrical and graceful. pp.

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