[email protected] Home News. Never played Skate 1, but does not seem that appealing after having beaten Skate 2 twice.

Skate 3. Skate 3. I'm rebuilding my game collection and wanted to get one of these two games. Question Info Last updated May 31, 2020 Views 9,316 Applies to: Games and Apps; Replies (12) * …

However, I'm a trophy collector too, so I will be going for the platinum as well.

Skate 2 the maps are better, but skate 3 theres more tricks and range, tough choice. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Login to reply the answers Post; SUPER GODZILLA ! Skate 2. PlaystationTrophies: Got a news tip? Login to reply the answers Post; Yash Kumar. Skate 2 vs. 3 I want to know which game to get for myself. I prefer the one that is more realistic and looks better because I actually skate in real life. 0 1 1.

Dont waste your money on skate 3. money isnt a big problem. Lv 5.

3 was slightly improved over 2, I just put so much time into 2 that the 3rd felt like a lot more of the same and I didn't quite catch on like I … 9 years ago. I want to know when will skate 2 or need for speed the run be add to the Xbox one backwards compatibility list This thread is locked.

Achievements. i just dont want to buy skate 3 if its not that much better than 2. thanks Login to reply the answers Post; Matt Norris. Lv 6. Skate 2 vs Skate 3. A ton of people said that three has better tricks and graphics and is more fun, but lacks the soul that 2 had. Skate 2 gets old quickly after you beat it, but is pretty fun with all the customization and the graphics are not bad. Source(s): Gamer. Just buy skate 2. Source(s): Been Gaming For 9 years. Skate 3 (from the brief time i have played with it) is definitely more fun, with better customization and a better (imo) storyline with better graphics. 1 was hindered by the fact that you couldn't get off your board. I have been playing the skate 3 demo and am going to buy a skate game. 0 0 0. All were great, I felt 2 was the best. 0 1 0. My brother moved away and took the Xbox360, so I got a new one for myself. I have the same question (502) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed . I'm worried if Skate 2 online is not as active as Skate 3… Skate 2 Vs Skate 3 Skate 3. i could get skate 2 for 10 bucks should i get skate 2 or is skate 3 worth the higher price? Which one 9 years ago. Skate 3 and skate 2 are the same kind of. Skate 3, Skate 1. 9 years ago. Which one is better? Skate 3. 2 was a game changer for Skateboarding games.

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