His father was a mold maker in an iron foundry, and Dix inherited his strength of character and steel-blue eyes. In his Expressionist prints and paintings, Otto Dix immortalized the unprecedented horrors of World War I and its crippling aftereffects on life in Berlin. Otto Dix was a remarkable artist of the 20th century Germany. In the foreground, we see a woman in a long, ornate dress. Otto Dix, Gross Stadt (Metropolis), 1928 In addition to his depictions of World War I, Otto Dix was also known for his ruthless criticism of German society during … Dix, who, by the 1930s, was well established as an artist and as a professor at the K unstakademie in Dresden, was a natural target. In the center massacre is with its paroxysm, on the right, a man, self-portrait of the painter as a saver, it transports in his arms a casualty.


Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix was born to Franz and Pauline Dix on December 2, 1891. Otto Dix’s triptych, Metropolis, shows the depravity of the situation that the Weimar Republic was facing after World War I. From his mother, a seamstress, he received a love of music and poetry. Otto Dix. Triptych. Otto Dix was one such artist deemed by the Nazis to be degenerate and who suffered as a consequence of being branded in this way. Expressionnism. This painting described 3 moments one day of war. Find more prominent pieces of portrait at Wikiart.org – best visual art database. In he center panel of Metropolis, Dix portrays the upper class of people in the Weimar Republic.

On the left, the soldiers of a column advance. ‘Metropolis’ was created in 1928 by Otto Dix in Verism style. He occupied a lead position in the New Objectivity movement, turning away from the ideas of Romanticism and Expressionism toward a more acidic and non-sentimental perspective to reflect the harsh realities of the interwar German society. The War.

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