New Zealand’s landscape, with its sweeping views over impossibly blue glacial lakes and snowy mountain peaks, transport you to your own real-life […] To save time, you could skip a few activities in the West Coast (but we really recommend not to) and cut across the island via Arthur’s Pass or Hwy 7 back to Christchurch. 1. Let me know if the itinerary is feasible or not.

Both have their highlights. New Zealand is comprised of two main islands: the North and South Islands. If you have around 2 weeks in New Zealand and want to visit both South Island and North Island.. Or the other way around of … A lot of you would have known by now how I adore New Zealand — and that’s not just because it’s the set for ‘Middle-earth’.. Regrettably, first trip to this country felt incredibly short; after all, I barely scratched the surface of the wonders held within the North Island, and I didn’t even manage to drop by in the South Island. Rhea of Rhea’s Travels traveled across the North and South Islands of New Zealand for nine weeks—hitting all the perfect spots, whilst touring by the use of camper van.
Below is a suggested North Island itinerary. Answer 1 of 17: Please review my intinerary for a 2 week trip (1 week on the South Island and 1 week on the North Island) going the end of March / beginining of April 2011. From Auckland to Wellington, and everything in between, we’ve created a perfect road trip itinerary for your first visit to New Zealand. Who This 2 Week New Zealand Itinerary is For. New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the South Pacific famous for its varied landscape of breathtaking mountains, lakes, glaciers, and beaches. New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the South … With incredible mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes, braided rivers and native flora and fauna, New Zealand's South Island really does need to be seen to be believed. You can connect these itineraries with the “connecting itineraries” in the next section of this blog to make an epic North and South Island road trip in New Zealand! I’ll take you through some two week South Island itinerary options and will help you decide where to spend your time on your next trip to New Zealand. Explore over 90 wonderful South Island New Zealand Self Drive tour itineraries. As summer inches closer and closer to us every day and following on from our South Island 10 day self-drive itinerary that we did with my parent’s last summer I thought it was about time to share with you all my favourite spots on the North Island. I have lived in New Zealand and traveled around the country, and therefore wanted to create this detailed 7 day New Zealand North Island itinerary. Travelers often wonder which island is better, but that's a question that can't really be answered. All of them can easily be reached in ten days. Welcome to New Zealand. Follow this route, and you’ll explore the North Island’s biggest highlights, and you’ll also have some off the beaten path adventures! North Island of New Zealand.

A Complete New Zealand North Island Itinerary (7-10 Days) The big debate when planning a New Zealand trip is whether to do the North Island, South Island or a combo of the two.

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