A survivor of the infamous suicide-murder Jonestown massacre in 1978 recently recalled how she escaped as some 900 people lost their lives.

Jonestown massacre survivors recount hell of mass suicide that killed 918 death cult members He has taken a lead role in a 40th Jonestown anniversary memorial to be held Sunday at Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery, where remains of unclaimed and unidentified victims are buried. Mike Touchette, a survivor of the Jonestown mass suicides and murders in Guyana, poses for a portrait on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018, in Miami Springs, Fla. “We built a community out of nothing in four years,” recalled Touchette, now a 65-year-old grandfather who has worked for a Miami hydraulics company for nearly 30 years. The event is variously described as a collective suicide and a massacre. More than 900 people died in the Jonestown massacre after following cult leader Jim Jones to South America. Four granite slabs are etched with names of the 918 people who died in Guyana— including James Warren Jones, which deeply offends some whose relatives perished. Tracy Parks, who …

"We built a community out of nothing in four years," recalls Mike Touchette, a survivor of the Jonestown massacre. Rep. Jackie Speier, then 28 and working for … Today is the first anniversary of that massacre, a day that Russell Banks and … But none has been quite so dramatic or compelling as the Jonestown massacre of 1978, in which the Reverend Jim Jones and 913 of his disciples perished.

Banks was one of only 85 members of the temple who survived. Deborah Layton had been a member of the Peoples Temple for seven years when she departed for Jonestown, Guyana, the promised land nestled deep in the South American jungle. EXCLUSIVE: Jonestown survivors shot in airstrip massacre recount how they were left to die by cult members who then aided Jim Jones in the murder of 300 children during mass suicide 18 November 1978, 909 [i] people died in the jungle in Guyana.

Jordan Vilchez and Leslie Wagner-Wilson survived. They all belonged to a religious group known as Peoples Temple, led by the charismatic preacher Jim Jones.

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