That Being Said synonyms.

Hi, Not exactly! It has the idea that something is accepted (i.e., as you all get what I have just mentioned) yet there is still more to say. It's a marker for pseudo-erudition, and if you use it, I …

" However, having said that, I still think they are sympathetic to the club being sold as a football club and, in some ways, it might be quicker and easier for them to realise the asset by going down that route". "That being said" could be replaced with "That said" or "Having said that" without change of meaning.

Synonyms for with that being said include all things considered, nevertheless, however, nonetheless, notwithstanding, still, yet, even so, otherwise and regardless. Usually but not always, right after 'that being said' or 'that said', contrasting elements (thoughs / ideas) would be introduced. Feb 15 2008 05:54:26.

Top synonyms for with that being said (other words for with that being said) are with that said, that said and hence. NL888 + 0. ).

1. With That Being Said synonyms. "That being said" = "However" For the love of God, "That said," or "That being said" needs to be stricken from the language forever. Find more similar words at! That being said=however? it doesn't necessarily indicate what "however" would; sometimes it could be used to preface a conclusion, such as, the babysitter was late, then the car wouldn't start, that being said, no we didn't have a good night (since we lost our reservations and missed the show. They are all correct. Top synonyms for that being said (other words for that being said) are having said that, nonetheless and that said. 2.

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