A balance wheel large enough to turn that slowly, a strong mainspring and a diaphragm to power the whole contraption would be too large to cram into a wristwatch. This is for model numbers 519, 526, 528 and 540. something firmly attached to wall or large stable furniture.

Once started, the clock should not be moved: cleaning the cabinet or the base should be carried out without handling or moving the clock.
Atmos Clock Set Instructions. The most common Atmos types in fairly good condition can fetch anywhere from $300 to upward of $1,000. To ensure the best operating conditions, please place your Atmos clock on an absolutely stable horizontal surface, where there is no risk of vibration or shock. This is accomplished by having a very strong mainspring and a torsion pendulum which only "ticks" every 30 seconds. Mantelpiece, sideboard, shelving, etc. Positioning – Your Atmos will give you the best service, if you place it on a firm horizontal suppoirt, ie. The value of an Atmos clock may lie in its condition more than in its serial number or age. The Atmos clock is based on the anniversary clock- so called because you only wind it once a year. We recommend doing this even if you do not wear it every day. Atmos Clock Instructions and Care. How to place your Atmos clock ? We recommend that you wind your watch every day in order to supply the movement with the power it requires to run effectively over the following 24 hours. Since Atmos Clocks run by Perpetual Motion, they do not require any manual winding and when running properly, they can run keep accurate time for many years before any type of service is required.
You can tell that your watch is fully wound as soon as you feel a resistance within the crown. These clocks have the standard brass and gold-plated cases. Atmos® Hybris Mechanica® ... How to manually wind your watch movement ?

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