As a matter of fact, you're too cool. The phrase is not only said by Buzz, but is also said or referenced by other characters, notably Woody. Buzz's battle cry of "To infinity and beyond" is a statement of going for your dreams and refusing boundaries. You are a cool toy! His words are just so perfect. According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, "Buzz Lightyear is a metaphor of a function which approaches a certain number, but never actually reaches it." Edit. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins. Here are 21 things you never knew about Pixar's seminal film, ... You don't need to go to infinity and beyond for these facts. What does the buzz lightyear say everytime he comes to rescue? [No response. He doesn't get 5 stars though as he over-balances too easily, … You glow in the dark! 11 Aug 2017 - Explore tattoomaze's board "To Infinity And Beyond Tattoo", which is followed by 9729 people on Pinterest. and "We're on a mission to find our friends! Oh My Disney Contributor. to infinity and beyond :) Asked in Books and Literature How many pages does Beyond Infinity have? Person 2: I love you more.

The one and only Buzz Lightyear.

The catchphrase served as a namesake for the book To Infinity and Beyond! But after 18 months I can say that Buzz still works fine. You talk! We've searched this gaseous planetoid from top to bottom... with no sign of the missing personnel. Aldrin willingly agreed, but of course, reminded Lightyear who the “real” Buzz was!
In the first Toy Story film, Buzz starts out as a surprise birthday present for Andy from his mother.He is first seen fully when Woody climbs up on Andy's bed to see Buzz standing tall on top of it.

"To Infinity and Beyond!" In addition to Charlene’s excellent answer, it might be noted that many parents and children, or lovers, or friends practice a playful game of expressing love Person 1: I love you.

I mean, what chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure? : The Story of Pixar Animation Studios. Woody : [whispering to Buzz from inside the Milk-crate, which he can't get out of since Sid placed a Toolbox on top of it] Psst! See more ideas about Tattoos, Infinity and Disney tattoos. This line is spoken by Buzz Lightyear in the movie Toy Story (1995). Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command isn't all that bad, but I wouldn't be brazen enough to say that it goes to infinity and beyond. This super special Buzz Lightyear comes to life with lights, sounds and signature action moves! Mission accomplished – we had sent Buzz into space! Yes, “to infinity and beyond!” In fact, Disney asked Buzz to give some space travel tips to Buzz Lightyear for his 2008 shuttle flight to the International Space Station to help celebrate NASA’s 50th Anniversary. Oh, Buzz—an eternal optimist. Your first goal is to reach infinity, something that by definition is unreachable, and your second is to try enough harder to reach past that.

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