Dione is a Moonthat orbits round the planet Saturn. Its density is 1.43 gm/cm3, which makes it the densest moon of Saturn other than Titan. The density of Tethys is 0.98 g/cm³, indicating that it is composed almost entirely of water-ice. With a mean radius of 561.4 ± 0.4 km and a mass of about 1.0954 × 1021 kg, Dione is equivalent in size to 0.088 Earths and 0.000328 times as massive. It is not known whether Tethys is differentiated into a rocky core and ice mantle. Dione is one of the moons of the planet Saturn.

Discovery. Dione [dy-OH-nee] was discovered in 1684 by Giovanni Cassini. Its mass is estimated/calculated at being 1,095,745,430,185,280,000,000 kg. Dione is the fourth-largest moon of Saturn, with a diameter of 698 miles (1,123 kilometers). Dione is a small moon of 349 miles (562 km) in mean radius orbiting Saturn every 2.7 days at a distance of 234,500 miles (377,400 km), which is roughly the same distance that the moon orbits around the Earth. Its density has been calculated at being 1.476. Overview. Its surface is heavily cratered, has ice cliffs and a subsurface liquid ocean. Moon of Saturn: Dione. It is the 15th largest moon in the solar system. Its volume is … Giovanni Cassini discovered Dione on March 21, 1684. Dione is probably composed of a rocky core making up one-third of the moon's Dione [dy-OH-nee] was discovered in 1684 by Giovanni Cassini. For a listing of other moons, see Moons of the Planets. Please help us by SUBSCRIBING to this channel. Its mass is 6.17 × 1020 kg (0.000103 Earth mass), which is less than 1% of the Moon. Dione Stats. It is an icy body similar to Tethys and Rhea.Its density is 1.43 gm/cm 3, which makes it the densest moon of Saturn other than Titan.Dione is probably composed of a rocky core making up one-third of the moon's mass, with the rest water-ice. Mass (kg) 1.05e+21 ; Radius (km) 560 ; Density (gm/cm 3) 1.43 ; Distance from planet (km) Tethysand Rhea. National Catholic Broadcasting Council presents Daily TV Mass from Loretto Abbey in Toronto, Ontario.

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