Konstantinos Drakos & Panagiotis Konstantinou, 2005. Downloadable! 22, No. Contestability Framework overview The Australian Government recognises that the efficiency and performance of the public sector must continue to improve if it is to meet longer term challenges such as tighter budgets and demand for better-quality services for the Australian community.

on contestability in banking.
Contestability in market economics. 33 Pages Posted: 6 Feb 2002. Halle Institute for Economic Research . Contestability in Banking Markets and Small Firm Use of Bank Financing: A Cross-Country Investigation Shannon Mudd1 Prepared for the Macroeconomics Research in the Liberal Arts Conference 5-6 August 2008 Draft – Not for Citation Market power among banks may encourage relationship lending technologies, alleviating information asymmetry problems. As in Bikker, Spierdijk, and Finnie (2006), the authors show that projecting revenue on total assets leads to an upward bias regarding the level of competition. We conduct a panel econometric analysis which allows for testing the hypotheses which have become the most prominent in the literature on bank profitability: the structure-conduct-performance hypothesis, the efficient-structure hypothesis and the relativemarket-power hypothesis. The predictive accuracy of concentration measures on banking competition is challenged by the concept of market contestability. Barriers to entry and exit reduce the degree of contestability.More on contestabilityAssessing a market's contestability may assist regulators in We estimate the effect of internet penetration on retail bank margins in the euro area. Contestability, Technology and Banking. Efficiency and Contestability in the Colombian Banking System Despite progress in the past decade, financial markets in Colombia remain relatively small and shallow. This story suggests that there are the first signs of increased contestability in the retail banking sector, a sector renowned for its inertia. e-mail: pkonstant@uom.gr We are grateful to Ali Kutan, …

Testing the contestability in Kuwait banking industry. A Note on Contestability in the Canadian Banking Industry by Jason Allen1 and Ying Liu2 1 Monetary and Financial Analysis Department Bank of Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0G9 jallen@bankofcanada.ca 2Department of Economics GREQAM, Université de la Méditerranée

The authors examine the degree of contestability in the Canadian banking system using the H-statistic proposed by Panzar and Rosse (1987) and modified by Bikker, Spierdijk, and Finnie (2006). European Central Bank (ECB) Date Written: October 2001.

A modification is necessary because the standard approach of controlling for size using total assets leads to an upward bias in the H-statistic. 1 Citation (Scopus) Abstract. However, concentration measures are generally not good predictors of competition. OLS and TSLS tests using a 38 state sample of 5,396 banks in 1,474 markets reveal a positive concentration-profitability relationship.

COMPETITION AND CONTESTABILITY IN TRANSITION BANKING: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS KONSTANTINOS DRAKOSa, PANAGIOTIS KONSTANTINOUb* aUniversity of Patras, bUniversity of Macedonia, Economic and Social Sciences *Corresponding author: Department of Economics, 156 Egnatia str., 540 06 Thessaloniki, Greece. A perfectly contestable market is one with no entry or exit costs. We test this conjecture by estimating the model using semi-aggregated data for a panel of euro area countries.

Economics & Finance; Research output: Contribution to journal › Article. Contestability in market economicsMarket contestability refers to the ease with which new firms can enter and leave a market. Testing for profitability and contestability in banking: evidence from Austria.

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