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Cessna 188 Aircraft Information. The 188 was initially offered in two forms, the 170kW (230hp) Continental O-470-R powered 188 (which was named the AgPickup from 1972) and the 250kW (300hp) Continental IO-520-D powered 188A Agwagon. Personal Blog Coming soon Seagull Models Cessna 188 AGwagon 33cc SEA-299. They surveyed pilots and operators of other brands of agricultural aircraft to see what features and capabilities these operators were looking for. Attached is the instruction manual, so you can have a better idea how this bird comes together.

CESSNA 188 AGWAGON SPECIFICATIONS Wingspan 1920mm Length 1300mm Electric Motor 1000 Watt (BOOST 90) Glow Engine .60 2-T / .90 4-T Radio 6 Channel / 8 Servos WARNING! Cessna 188 AgWagon Profile CL .

The 188 has the capacity for one pilot and a 200 US gallon (760 l) or 280 US gallon (1060 l) hopper. Cessna 188 AgWagon (60-90 size - Civilian category) The Cessna 188 is a family of light agricultural aircraft produced between 1966 and 1983 by the lt Cessna Aircraft Company. Cessna 188 AgWagon Profile CL The successful 188 Agwagon agricultural aircraft were Cessna's only purpose designed agplanes. This radio controlled model is NOT a toy.

The Cessna 188 was first flown on 19 February 1965. Some of it, you might need for the 188. AG Wagon Cessna 188 ARF Toy pdf manual download. Happy Flyin! The various versions of the 188 - the AGwagon, AGpickup, AGtruck and AGhusky, along with the AGcarryall variant of the 185, constituted Cessna's line of agricultural aircraft.

Wingspan ..... 97.2 in (246.8 cm) I see CA hinges on the rudder, I would rather have seen hinge points.

The resulting aircraft was a conventional single-seat, piston-engined, strut-braced … Randy.

This is the Cessna 188 AgWagon Profile CL listing page, here you can download the plan, article and see the main thumbnail and extra images. 1 Attachment(s) Used slower epoxy on the horizontal stabilizer tonight.

! Civilian Aircraft.

Airliners & transport. In the early 1960s Cessna decided to expand their already wide line of light aircraft by entering the agricultural aircraft market. wdratsloper: 05-29-2008 11:36 PM: RE: 1/4 Scale RC Guys Agwagon Build. Cessna 188 Ag Pickup/Ag Wagon/Ag Truck/Ag Husky.

!, Flaps pre-installed] Feature: Numbers = mm, Weight = kg : Red Colour are option: 1920 1300: xx/m²: g/dm² 3.8 : 6~7: 100W.60 .90 .

$500 [ Seller Info] Member Since: Aug 21, 2012. bobgee. Bestelle Seagull BK SeaGull Cessna 188 AGwagon ARF 2468 mm Motormodelle Die Cessna 188 ist ein Agrarflugzeug des USamerikanischen Herstellers Cessna Aircraft Company.Von dem einsitzigen Tiefdecker wurden von 1966 bis 1983 fast 4000 Maschinen in verschiedenen Varianten gefertigt.

Produced between 1966 and 1983, the Cessna 188 is a family of light agricultural aircraft. The 1972 model year also saw the introduction of the … Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde; Airbus A300; Airbus A310 ; Airbus A320; Airbus A330; Airbus A340; Airbus A380; Boeing 707; Boeing 727; Boeing 737; Boeing 747; Boeing 757; Boeing … The aircraft was certified and entered …

The Cessna 188 is a family of light agricultural aircraft produced between 1966 and 1983 by the lt Cessna Aircraft Company. Looks good!! New Dynam C-188 Trainer.

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