Azure search scoring profile dstiance When we try to add a scoring profile for Azure search based on distance the drop down for the field can't be selected.

If no scoring profile is used, Azure Search uses a model based on term frequency-inverse document frequency (tf-idf for short), which, according to Wikipedia, is ‘a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word They only kick in if you create a scoring profile in the index explicitly and either reference it in queries or mark it as default.

favor newer documents over older

freshness scoring profile for Date

Searching without a scoring profile lets Azure search calculate a score based on what it thinks the best match is. In Azure Search, you can tweak the calculation of a search score through an index modification called a scoring profile. favor items with higher star rating, or with higher profit margin), based on dates (e.g. Add a Scoring Profile to the index in Azure and override the default AzureSearchService implementation in Sitefinity. This makes it impossible to add a distance scoring profile. To add a scoring profile for an Azure Search index managed by Kentico, you need to customize the functionality that Kentico uses to build the indexes:Open your Kentico solution in Visual Studio.

By enabling CORS on the Azure Search index, we can make sure that our user’s browser is able to directly send search queries to our Azure Search instance. A scoring profile allows Azure search to target and favor a combination of columns when searching for content.

Here are the steps to perform: 1.

Create a custom module class.

Verify that AzureSearchService is used by Sitefinity by navigating to Administration -> Settings -> Global -> Search.. Please provide the ability to boost items with date>DateTime.Now. With no scoring profiles present, scoring of documents is based on the properties of the search text and

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