This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Cloud Imperium or Roberts Space Industries group of companies. I never came by that info. Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Hover Mode has been removed and the flight model is more like the previous one, with ships being able to hover and land easily. March’s Ship of the Month is the popular ARGO MOLE – Star Citizen’s first flyable multi-crew mining rig. Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 brings some new controls & keybindings originating mostly from the addition of FPS mining and modifications to the flight model. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.
It’s terrific to see more and more mining crews in the Persistent Universe, and we’re excited to offer this ship to subscribers so soon after it was first introduced (only three months ago). Because there was a concept slide for a refinery ship during CitCon (during one of the off-camera panels, I didnt go to CitCon tho): This ones a concept for a refining ship that they pitched at CitCon. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ARGO’s pragmatic no-nonsense approach to ship design is celebrated in the unmistakable silhouette of the MOLE. Where does it say that it has a refinery? r/starcitizen: This is the subreddit for everything related to Star Citizen - an up and coming epic space sim MMO being developed by Chris Roberts … Press J to jump to the feed. Following the launch of the ARGO Astronautics ... Will the crew of a MOLE be able to split mining profits?
It was probably easy to assume that the marquee feature of Star Citizen’s alpha 3.8 was going to be blowing wind.That’s not all, however: There’s also the unveiling of the Argo MOLE, a three-person mining ship that will be arriving with the update, along with a variety of new features to make mining in-game more engaging for the rock nibblers of the ‘Verse. The Star Citizen Wiki is a part of the Star Citizen Tools project. It covers all content relating to Star Citizen including the everything featured in the game, the lore, and the development process and team behind it. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as … The Star Citizen universe is vast, with dozens of planets, moons, and stations to explore, each packed with incredible detail. Argo Mole Ship Buyer’s Guide The Argo Mole is the latest straight to flyable ship for Star Citizen and is NOW available in 3.8 LIVE. Of course, the Stanton system is merely the tip of the iceberg - SOCS allows us to keep expanding and optimizing our ever-growing galaxy well into the foreseeable future. Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

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