A sewing machine handwheel can get jammed for several reasons. Hold the handwheel and turn the knob to release it. Possible Reasons for the Jammed Sewing Machine Handwheel. I inherited a Singer 427 sewing machine from my mother-in-law. The handwheel is available in both manual and electric sewing machines and one has to be aware of the various dynamics that surround the availability and usability of this part of the device. By finding out the reasons why your sewing machine handwheel is hard to turn, you can make it easier for yourself to solve the problem or maybe even avoid it in the first place. There may be a cover over that screw. I purchased a new one and I can't remove to plastic knob in the centre of the hand wheel. You should find a screw in the middle of that handwheel that needs to be removed. You should start turning the handwheel only in the anticlockwise direction. Kenmore sewing machine model 1803 158.18033 clutch release and bobbin winder mechanism - Duration: 2:22. In the case was the old motor belt which had been removed. How To Prevent Damage To The Sewing Machine. I don't have much information on that older model. This part of the sewing machine is also known as the balance wheel, and it plays a vital role in controlling the movement of the needle as well as the take-up lever. This means that you must turn the handwheel towards you when you are turning it for winding the bobbin. While talking about jammed handwheel we must discuss how the handwheel should be moved by hand.

D Y I helpful video for your handwheel re-assembly. If you are not able to remove that handwheel, I recommend that you take the sewing machine into a repair center to have it serviced. Rebecca Rice Ware 697 views The following are some reasons for a sewing machine handwheel to become jammed.

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